The chorus reads in

in yoruba

“Parole ninu yin ma n dun

Irole le ma n we

Ale le ma n fine

Weekend le ma n ta

T’e ba ni parole ninu yin ma n dun

Pata kan f’ose kan, e t so di uniform x2

Oju mi logbo, obo mi ogbo

K’oju to gbo, obo ti baje

Oya shedi balabala

Shedi bololo

in english

“Parole makes you happy

You only take your bath in the evenings

You’re only beautiful at night

You only sell over the weekends

Whenever you have parole, that’s when you’re happy

You wear one pant for one week like it’s a uniform

I’m only old facially, but my v*gina is fresh

But before the face got old, the v*gina was already ruined

Now wiggle your bum…”


As stated earlier, this song is about call girls and their clients or suitors. It’s for women who are active with the night life; strippers, roadside prostitutes and their affiliates.

In an where Nigerian women are embracing their sexuality, ‘Shedi Bala Bala’ came at an ideal time.

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It is coming just weeks after #Silheoutte Challenge caused massive commotion on social media.
At the time, #SilheoutteChallenge was the number one trending topic on social media for almost two weeks.

‘Shedi Bala Bala’ is the Nigerian version of the aforementioned challenge, however, this particular single is a tribute to women who are about the night life.

Currently the number one trending topic on Twitter; the video compilation of the challenge is making headlines on Instagram.

Ngnews247 has also garnered some of the most ferocious ‘Bala Bala’ dancers on social media.

It is important for our audience to grab a bowl of pop corn and enjoy the compilation Here

Shedi bala bala refix MP3 Download 

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