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The song was originally sang by Era, a French composer Eric Lévi, drops off an amazing single titled, “Ameno” popularly called Dorime.

ERA’s music is rooted in a long and distant past. It tells the story of a mysterious era through the ages. It re-imagines ancient timbrel music by combining old choral sounds with 21st-century audio adventure.

Quotable Lyrics

Dori me, interimo adapare dori me
Ameno, ameno, latire, latire mo
Dori me, ameno, oma nare imperavi ameno
Dimere, dimere, mantiro, mantire mo

(Oma nare imperavi emu nare, ameno)
(Oma nare imperavi emu nare)
Ameno, ameno do re-, ameno dori me
Ameno dori me, ameno do-
Dori me reo, ameno dori me
Ameno dori me, dori me a-

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What is ‘Ameno’ by ‘Era’?

In June 1996, ‘Ameno’ was released by French new-age project, E.R.A as a single off their eponymous debut album which dropped the same year and was re-released in 1998. The track was written by Eric Levi, who put the project together and conceived the idea.

The song is a unique brand of chamber music, with classical orchestra and ethereal choir themes.

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