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A less exciting Monday came alive when Rema hopped into the scene.

Social Media is having a field day as usual, this time with star artiste Rema, after he launched into a series of tweets on his Twitter handle, https://twitter.com/heisrema
And judging by one of the numerous tweets, his account could be deactivated soon, especially if the powers that be consider him a menace after today’s tirade.

Away from such possibility however, is the content in the tweets. It is unlike Rema to use his media tools at all-talk less cause a scene. Unless he has another banger for our listening pleasure, you almost never hear anything from the 20-year-old.

So, what happened? Like a skilful suspect on a high chase, Rema only left crumbs for the rest of us- the ever inquisitive Twitter detectives- to work on. His latest public appearance was at the Big Brother Naija Finale on Sunday night, and fully in our detective mode, we are thinking something may have gone wrong backstage. Rema was one among an exciting list of artistes to perform at the most popular reality show in Africa and there could have been the catalyst for all that we have seen (and still seeing) today.

Nothing is certain at the moment, so it will be unwitting to come into a conclusion.

The only problem is what happens after things die down. Actually, nothing dies down on social media, which begs the question; why did Rema take his feelings out on social media?

If this is a publicity stunt, then things might have gone too far. If it is no, then things still might have gone too far (but what do I know?), and it is because social media is not really a place for feelings. Like they say, social media na place for clout. No one cares after today, but no one forgets what happened either. We have seen something like this before, both at home and abroad. Artistes have come to ‘air’ certain things on the network and have never really left unscathed. Surely, the Dumebi crooner may feel unbothered about it all, but in the beginning, don’t they all?

Rema remains a great artiste, and his rapid risr to the upper room of the music indusyry remains enviable. We love the new generation sounds too, but we hope for a few minutes-or a few hours- of Twitter meltdown will be just that; a Twitter meltdown.

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