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#EndSARS protesters are now living on the streets as they have taken to stage protests day and night speaking against police brutality in the country.

A photo of some protesters sleeping on the streets at the Lekki Toll Gate in the night has surfaced on social media and it has generated mixed reactions from users of Instagram.

The photo showed a man and lady who are part of the protesters cuddling each other while sleeping as the guy’s hands were spotted around the lady’s neck.

Reacting to the photo, some Nigerians saw it as a place of dating others think they can find their lovers there.

A lady called @bisi_baalo wrote; “They found live in a hopeless place”

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Thugs for the second time has attacked #EndSARS #EndSWAT protesters this time at Osogbo in Osun State leaving one severely injured.

The thugs were armed with cutlasses, broken bottles, swords etc launched the attack on protesters in the early hours of Saturday at Olaiya Junction.

The incident left one of the protesters identified Oloye severely severely injured and has been taken to the hospital.

This left many of the protesters to flee the scene and disrupt the protests.

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The Deputy National Coordinator of the Buhari Ca.mpaign Organization, Hussaini Coomassie, has expressed gross displeasure in the actions of #EndSARS protesters across the country.

Hussaini Coomasie blamed the actions of protesters on the president Muhammadu Buhari for being lose as he claims in a viral video that this could never have happened under the watch of former president, Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration.

In his words,

“Can you try this nonsense during Obasanjo’s time? I blame Buhari for taking things lightly. There are certain things that should be handled with iron fist”.

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During the candlelight procession last night, families of victims came out to narrate the gruesome experiences they went through at the hands of the police unit, SARS.

Chijoke Iloanya’s sister narrated how her brother was murdered by men of the Awkuzu SARS and just when you think you have heard it all, the account will put tears in your eyes.

She said: “Chijioke was 20 years old in 2012, he went for child dedication and was picked up there and was allegedly taken to SARS office.

“When his family went to look for him, they were told he has been taken to the headquarters. When they got there, His mother spotted him being taken to the station and she said that is my child.

The officer in charge of that station asked them to boot her and the family out of the premises. Since then they haven’t seen Chijioke.

“The next time they went, the officer boasted that he shot Chijioke and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Some other officers told the parents that it is possible ha hadn’t died that the man (officer in charge) could just be bluffing and that they should bring some money to bring him.

The father brought some money and the officer said the money was too small. The father went, sold his land, sold some properties, raised N3 million, gave it to the man and the man said N3 million was ‘chicken change’.

“The most horrifying part of this story, that man in charge, made Chijioke’s dad look for Chijioke’s body in the river of dead bodies; he made him turned every single corpse upside down searching for his son.

Cannot imagine what that man was going through. One part of him would think let me find this body so that we can have closure. Another part of him would think let me not find this body so that we can have hope.

“This is the impunity of which officers have treated us. They came to Abuja to seek justice. The State CID told them they will have to pay money to transport others down to the state where it happened. We have no system. We cannot get tired…,”

Watch Video Here;

Source: Naijaparty.com.ng

#ENDSARS protesters have built free solar power for all protesters to charge their phone for free at Lekki Toll Gate to keep their phone from not shutting down as they continue to demonstrate and show the world what’s happening on the ground.

The solar panels have enough charging spots to contain more than 100 protesters phones at a time.

This has been the only initiative of #ENDSARS protesters in Lekki, they’ve already baked an #ENDSARS cake yesterday, Friday at Lekki-Lagos Toll Gate.

However, the Inspector General of Police has issued a band on #ENDSARS protests.

On the government responds to the #ENDSARS protest, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad has been dissolved and replaced by Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT).

Yet, the peopple of Nigeria seems not happy of the replacement of SARS with SWAT and they are also protesting against it too.

free solar power for phone charge for Lekki #ENDSARS Potesters

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The popular anonymous group of hackers has shut down the website of the Central Bank Of Nigeria.

Recall the group hacked the Twitter account of the National Broadcasting Commission earlier today and threatened to release secrets of President Buhari’s government.

According to media report, the group has started tormenting the life of President Buhari by hacking into the website of the Central Bank of Nigeria and taking it down completely.

See image below:

Anonymous Group Strikes Again, Shuts Down Central Bank Of Nigeria’s Website

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A little Nigerian girl has melt hearts on social media after she was captured in a video leading a protest against Police brutality in Nigerian.

The girl whose name is yet to be known was spotted standing on top of a truck surrounded by adults her chanting End Buhari EndSARS.

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Nigerian youth have been protesting for the past one week and unfortunately some have lost their lives through the protest.

They are the heroes that placed their lives on the line for the government to able to hear their plea.

Their deaths were as a result of brutal killings by the Special Anti-Robbery squad that was set to help fight social vices in the country but ended up been the agents of the vices.

May the soul of their people rest in perfect peace

Protestants That Lost Their Lives During the Protest

Some youth also organise vigils for the lost souls

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, all protest and no play makes protestants too serious for their protest.

As the protestants protest through the streets of all the 36 states in Nigeria, they have blocked some major roads making it difficult for users of the road to patronise it.

Currently, the airport highway road has been blocked by the protestans and turned into a football playing pitch for the men.

Watch the video below

The protestants have been on the street for past one week and still continued protesting. They held a vigl for all souls that were lost during the protest

Source: Naijaparty.com.ng

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